Brand awareness in casinos

In the beginning of the 2000’s just before Web 2.0, the online gaming industry seemed to consist of a huge amount of brands on different websites, with promotions that differed slightly. However, there were only a few software companies active in the industry, meaning that most casino brands were using the exact same technology. In other words, you had thousands of different gaming websites, but most of them had the same games. This was still in the beginning of online gambling’s rise of popularity, and in the next couple of years, online gambling companies realized that brand awareness was the most important part when promoting. These lead companies that had a number of brands to scale it down into one or two brands. Certain gambling groups, such as 888 and Partycasino, spend huge amount of money to promote themselves and the brand, earning them to be reputed as some of the world’s largest online gambling organizations. You can find some of these famous online casinos at portals like Tragaperras and Juegos Casino, which are two Spanish casino review websites.

It was not long ago that gaming companies seemed to focus on promoting several different new brands with extremely high starting bonuses. Less focus was put on things such as credibility, reputation and security, which resulted in a huge amount of different gaming websites popping up in a short amount of time, making it hard to see the difference between legit websites with something unique to offer and copycat brands which basically were just copies of other websites, in a different design. Some companies even started white label partnerships where they had a casino ready and sold it to other companies in a different design. You can find these types of casinos listed at websites like La Quiniela!

Within the last couple of years however, the industry seems to be maturing. Gambling companies have finally realized that building one strong and trusted brand is much more profitable that possessing several small brands without any real credibility. Knowing that, they have started not only to promote and build their brand carefully, but also to develop the main product with more care. This leads to both long term profits in the form of customers getting drawn to the website thanks to its good reputation and also to a better end product for the customer. Building one strong brand means that companies can put their whole customer support team in just one place, leading to a quicker support. And when you think of it, if a company has spent a fortune to build its brand, would they really want to risk their reputation by providing poor customer service. have listed some of the best casinos in terms of customer service in their review-section.

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