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Why binary options?

Since I got in to trading binary options a while back, a lot of my friends have asked how I can find it so interesting. As an avid gambler I have always played a lot of casino games, and so have my friends. The ones that aren’t into financial betting at all seem to have a hard time understanding how it could be more entertaining than playing at an online casino. So what are some of the reasons to get into binary options?

Personally, I have always seen online gambling as a way to entertain myself when I’m online. I never got in to it expecting to become very rich or to hit a massive jackpot and live happily ever after. To me it’s obvious that most people who play online casino games actually end up losing money. After all that’s the whole business plan behind gambling. Companies design games where you bet money to have a chance to win money, but the thing is that they’re always programmed so that the chances of you losing money is always a bit bigger than the chances of you winning money. With binary options it’s different. Seeing that you bet on a market that keeps changing, and changing pretty rapidly, we actually have a way of predicting the future changes on it. We’re not putting our money on something that is completely dependent on chance as you would in an online casino. If you spend some time studying the market and the fundamental principles behind it, you will find that there s actually quite a few clues that can guide us in the right direction when we invest. This way, we have a fairly high percentage chance to be right in our prediction, thus making it more likely for us to gain profit when trading binary options compared to gambling. Read more strategy guides at trading portals like binary options.pm, and also at a spanish website called opcionesbinarias.pm, which has a ton of useful information both on strategies and where to open a opciones binarias cuenta demo!

So in short, I would say that the main reason I’ve gotten in to binary options is the fact that I can actually start making some money off my hobbies, which is always very nice. On the other hand, it’s still not that different from playing roulette. Say you bet on red or black on roulette and then spin the wheel. You will either win, and double your money, or you will lose your bet. It’s the same thing with binary options. You invest on an asset to go up in price or down in price. If your prediction is correct, you get up to 80% of your total investment back, but if you’re wrong you will lose your full investment. This way, you still get that excitement that you get from some online casino games when you trade options.